Fisk Tech Services:

Underwater Repairs

Habitats. Retrofits. Wet Welding Repairs.

Even the best maintenance schedule cannot prevent incidents that require repairs to your vessel. When repairs are needed they need to be timely and to a high standard so that schedules are not disrupted and margins are maintained.

Fisk Tech understands that for commercial reasons, some repairs are best done afloat rather than in drydock. That is why our experienced team work with you in appraising all aspects of maintenance and repairs on your fleet. Furthermore we have the capability to come to you if your vessel is not in the Port of Singapore where the Fisk Tech team is based.

Our repair solutions aim to prevent vessels from having unplanned stoppages, which is why we support afloat underwater repair services. We carry out wet welding as well as cofferdam repairs which provide permanent fixes to your overboard valves or even shell plating.

With all existing ships needing to meet Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) regulations by 2023, Fisk Tech’s expertise can help you become compliant. Our naval architect / hydrodynamics specialist can support you with unique advice and technical solutions to meet the required regulations. We also implement these solutions, giving you an end-to-end service when it comes to improving your fuel efficiency and becoming EEXI and CII compliant.

Fisk Tech’s talented and experienced team helps us understand your business and produce proactive solutions for your operational and commercial needs. Partnering with us builds a symbiotic relationship that aims to bring you the highest service standards, efficiency, and results.

Scrubber Overboard Pipe Replacement & Repairs

Scrubbers discharge acidic water which depletes the overboard spool pipe coating, eroding it and making pin holes which therefore leak.

Fisk Tech have developed solutions to fix these in-situ, minimizing off-hire time. We have the equipment, the right skills and experience that give you the most cost-effective and durable solution.

Underwater Propeller Repairs

Fisk Tech’s underwater engineers are capable of handling a wide array of propeller repairs. The team can also carry out retrofits for energy optimization, such as propeller cap fins.

Our in-house Naval Architect is always on hand to partner with our clients to propose and approve all of our repair specifications.

We have provided repairs of Kort nozzles, using Broco thermic rods to cut and remove a fin. We have also carried out grinding of propeller blades to stop rapid wear down from cracks and balanced them thereafter.

Underwater Welding Repairs

The Fisk Tech dive team have a lot of experience in carrying out underwater wet welding repairs. Our divers perform welding directly underwater using specially designed welding rods and a well established processes.

The are several major advantages of this service – it is economical and fast, it provides higher tensile strength, and does not lead to habitat building.

Overboard plugging and Other repairs

Other common repair work can be scheduled in alongside the routine maintenance carried out by our dive team, such as inspections, cleanings or polishing.

Fisk Tech keeps ready a small assignment of standard plugs on our boats to assist you fix those occasional leaking valves and sometimes even fix some missing anodes – welded or bolted.

We also carry out underwater Non-Destructive Testing (NDTs). Our divers are specially trained to visually identify damage, cracks or signs of fatigue, but also utilize Ultrasonic testing where needed. As a result, Fisk Tech resolves the small defects before they become major problems.

All existing ships will need to meet Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) efficiency standards by 2023 (or earlier for some ship types)

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