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Greater Operating Efficiency.

At Fisk Tech we utilise the latest technology to provide your fleet with the best underwater hull maintenance, whilst giving you with the tools to track job progress.

Any good maintenance plan employed by a fleet manager includes the cleaning of a ship’s hull. What may not be apparent is that multiple ineffective hull cleans over time result in fewer cost savings achieved. Fisk Tech provides a more cost effective solution.

Alternatives such as jet washers are used for hull cleaning. They are good at removing softer, plant-based biofouling, but when it comes to the harder material they don’t work nearly well enough.

Fisk Tech employs the latest brush-kart technology, with three brush attachments and built-in suspension. We believe that brushes are the only way to completely clean a hull, as brush-karts remove both soft and hard biofouling. In our experience they offer a better and more cost effective solution, as only one hull clean is required per year, from the third year of dry docking (as opposed to 1-2 cleans per year from the first year of dry docking using alternative methods).

Fisk Tech also keeps you up to date on progress when using any of our services through our website and our app. This way you can check in at any point and see how the job is moving forward. See below for more information on our processes.

Our range of maintenance services help your company achieve significant fuel savings through lowering your overall fuel consumption. This also aids in lowering your carbon footprint.

"While hull cleanings are likely to result in fuel savings, the service itself is characterized by diminishing returns, meaning that the more often a vessel is cleaned the less extra savings can be achieved."

‘Economic and Environmental Impact Trade-Offs Related to In-Water Hull Cleanings of Merchant Vessels’, Pagoropoulos, A., Kjær, L. L., Dong, Y., Birkved, M., & McAloone, T. C., Journal of Industrial Ecology, 2018

Our Process


At Fisk Tech we believe in a collaborative approach to the services we supply. We are constantly looking for ways to add value to the wider ecosystem, to collaborate and co-create with organisations in the ecosystem.

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