Fisk Tech Services:

Other Marine Services

Naval Architecture. Retrofits. Vessel Performance. Global Reach.

Marine services go far beyond simply maintenance and repairs. Fisk Tech has over 50 years combined maritime experience and a diverse skillset to offer your business a variety of services that meet all of your operational and commercial needs.

Our approach is to go far beyond the traditional lens of underwater services. We differentiate ourselves by putting ourselves in your shoes and thinking what you may require. We are part of the overall marine ecosystem, from engineering to vessel performance and the environment.

We offer added value by partnering with you on retrofit specifications, structural analysis, and repair specifications for your ships. Our in-house Naval Architects and Marine Engineers workout solutions for you and save you valuable time and resources.

We also provide vessel performance solutions to offer you a whole scope of fuel efficiencies, so you could visualize data and predict the timing of hull maintenance.

We provide you with a network of underwater companies that could support you in other locations should you be far from us. Our commitment to you will ensure your needs are met and efficiently delivered.

Vessel Performance Solutions

We believe in a holistic approach to the industries we serve. While Fisk Tech are the experts in underwater maintenance, we co-create solutions with some of the best in the business on overall vessel performance.

We partner with you for solving your vessel performance needs. With IMO and the EU’s requirements, we take care of IMO DCS and EU MRV reporting end-to-end.

We also provide auto-data logging solutions to manage your performance data. You can subscribe to us for all vessel performance requirements, as we know that our underwater solutions are part of the overall vessel performance and decarbonization formula.

We even advise on other facet of your ship such as optimizing your engine’s Cylinder Lubricating Oil.

Fisk Tech provides you a one stop solution for all these requirements. Please reach out for more details and a demonstration.

Our guiding principle Be Different, TOGETHER highlights that at Fisk Tech, we differentiate ourselves from the traditional diving approach by integrating services involved in vessel performance. This creates more value for our clients by improving operational efficiency and reducing costs and complexity, making them more competitive.

Oil & Gas Support Services

We at Fisk Tech bring with us our experience and a solid reputation within the Upstream Oil & Gas industry as well.

We provide onshore support services for offshore operations. Presently, we are engaged as Consultants to provide commercial tender bid support for HSSE, expertise in HAZID for well decommissioning projects and also for preparing bridging documents for a first class Drilling contractor.

Our services go beyond with emissions monitoring and recording for Sustainability Reporting, ISO14001:2015 compliance and also Regulatory Compliance for Shelf and IMO requirements.

Retrofit & Repair Specifications

We come from a variety of backgrounds with a wealth of experience from the Shipping and Oil & Gas industries. Using this experience we have added value in a variety of ways to many of our clients’ operations by preparing repair and retrofit solutions for their vessels. Be it for EEXI and CII requirements, Ballast Water management to even repair specifications for your hull, our in-house Naval Architect and Marine Engineers work hard to understand what your needs are and partner with you as part of our overall underwater service.

Co-Create. Upscale. Innovate

Engage us for additional value-adding services and create Scalability and Flexibility to your business.

Our Process


At Fisk Tech we believe in a collaborative approach to the services we supply. We are constantly looking for ways to add value to the wider ecosystem, to collaborate and co-create with organisations in the ecosystem.

Get in touch with the team for more information on this approach and how we can work together.