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Offshore Wind

Collaborative innovation to maintain the growing global demand for clean energy.

Growing global energy demands in addition to a critical need to reduce carbon emission sees the increase of offshore windfarms in a bid for cleaner energy.

Fisk Tech has the technology, skills and expertise to support this growing need, and we are constantly looking for innovative ways to aid operations. It fits in well with our guiding principles of “Being Part of the Solution”.

Diving support is an essential activity in the offshore wind industry. There is an array of tasks that can only be conducted by underwater operations, including survey work, installation, repair and maintenance. Our expert divers are on hand to conduct regular inspections for farms in shallow depths, and for deeper waters we employ our Remotely Operated underwater Vehicles (ROVs).

Our highly experienced team draws on over 50 years collective experience in the maritime field to provide your business with a complete and flexible range of underwater solutions.

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Total global offshore wind energy is set to double from 28.7GW to 61GW by 2025.

"World’s Top Wind Turbine Maker Ups the Stakes in Offshore Race" - Bloomberg

Our Process


At Fisk Tech we believe in a collaborative approach to the services we supply. We are constantly looking for ways to add value to the wider ecosystem, to collaborate and co-create with organisations in the ecosystem.

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